Traditional longbows, wooden handcrafted arrows, recurve bows, prods for crossbows - these and several other items form Falco's production articles. The history of the company dates back to 1988 when we launched our production as a two-man archery workshop.15 years of bow-making is a relatively long time, during that we have continuously developed not only our product design but also their functionality. Due to modern lamination technology and best available composite materials we've been able to achieve outstanding results. Especially at Field crossbows where Falco made Carbon Composite prods (limbs) are by far the most efficient ones out there. Taken as a proof are numerious tournament first places and world records.

 In the recent years, our passion has moved towards the traditional side of archery - longbows and wooden arrows have become Falco's main product categories. Going back to the roots has been a worldwide trend for several years already - people are returning from high-tech bows to more traditional. Here in Estonia, for example, traditional archery has turned into a boomlike phenomena where longbow-shooting has become an extremely favourable sport and leisure activity. It gives us hope that soon Estonia will be able to exceed the level of our neighbour countries. Falco has been one of the engines behind this, providing full equipment, teaching beginners and archery enthusiasts, organizing competitions, appropriate clinics and workshops.

 We are proud that in the last IFAA European Field Archery Championships, held in Finland, seven of fifteen medals (three of which were gold) were won using a Falco-made longbow.

 On our website, besides the products you can find newest and up-to date news, forums and a unique possibility to design your own arrows. You are welcome to become an active user of all those utilities we offer.