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Friday, November 11, 2016
Some more excellent news from Greece, where Theodore Papacostas has won the 2016 Total Field Game (TFG) Νational Τrophy in the Longbow Division with his Falco Spirit bow. Falco sends our congratulations and greetings to Theodore and all other Falco shooters in Greece.   
Friday, November 11, 2016
We send greetings to our friend Nitulesco Bogdan of Romania with these custom made Falco Premium Vintage arrows and the Trophy Vintage longbow. May your arrows always fly to the centre. Cheers!
Friday, November 11, 2016
Last week we had the pleasure of announcing all time great results from the WA 3D EC. But even before that competition, in late August, Falco archers achieved excellent positions at the FIARC ITA Championships. Namely, using Falco Premium Vintage arrows, Giulia Barbaro won gold with a landslide (1248 vs 984 silver result) in F LB. Giuseppe Gioia took silver in Vet M LB and Carmen Berselli bronze i...
Friday, November 11, 2016
Brilliant news from WA European 3D Championships (Mokrice, Slovenia). For Falco, this was the most successful WA title competition of all time, with our archers taking home a whole medal set and more. Namely, in a tight final, Danilo Fornasier (ITA) won the gold medal in men's longbow over Serge Corvino (FRA). Both men use custom-made Falco Premium Vintage arrows as does the bronze medal winner Gi...
Friday, November 11, 2016
  Some excellent news from Romania where our good friend Bogdan Nitulescu has won three (!) national gold medals this season. He took home the win in the 3D national championships under both federations, and also in national field archery championships. Bogdan uses a Falco Trophy and Falco Premium Vintage wooden arrows. Our congratulations and greetings to Bogdan and all other Falco shooters in R...
Friday, November 11, 2016
Excellent news from France where the French National 3D Championships have just ended with 4 medals going to Falco archers. A long-time Falco archer Robin Gardeur has won gold in men's longbow using Falco Premium Vintage wooden arrows. Angélique Dupeyron and Sophie Lherminier took respectively gold and silver in female junior longbow division, and Nicolas Brussolo bronze in junior male longbow. We...
Monday, April 04, 2016
Falco is proud to announce that the Estonian Female Olympic Archery team has achieved a bronze medal at the European Grand Prix in Sofia, Bulgaria. The medalist team included among others Carbon Express staff shooter and Falco sponsored Laura Nurmsalu, who individually shot her personal best at 2x70 of 647 points, being Estonia's best and placing 12th in qualification and 17th overall. Congratula...
Tuesday, March 03, 2016
We are thrilled to pass on some great news from Germany where Michael Süsselbeck has won the German 2016 National Championships as well as the District and Federal State Championships. Falco sends our warm regards to Michael for the excellent results. In his victories, Michael used a custom-made Falco Force bow.  
Monday, September 09, 2015
We are glad to announce that Giulia Barbaro (Falco Premium arrows) and Katrin Virula (Falco Premium arrows) have won the silver and bronze medal in female longbow division at WA 3D WC in Terni, Italy. Giulia also won the team silver medal, representing the Italian team. Furthermore, four more Falco archers made it to the top 8 with Robin Gardeur (5th) and Danilo Fornasier (8th) doing so in the men...
Friday, July 07, 2015
Some grade A news come from Sweden where Hans-Åke Fohrs has won the national Championships in WA beating his competition with his Falco Force bow and Falco Premium Vintage arrows. Congratulations to Honta and a great continuation to the season!