Falco 1" and 1.5" crossbow vanes

Falco 1
Falco 1
Falco 1
24€ / 100 pcs.

The World leader in sporting crossbow vanes Falco is proud to present our newest line is plastic vanes, produced exclusively for Falco by the top vane-producer Flex-Fletch Product in the US. The unique Falco low-profile together with the supreme production quality of Flex-Fletch make these vanes both high-performance and esthetically enjoyable. 

The 1" (25.4 mm) vane measures 0.236" (6 mm) in height and is available in eleven colors: Fluo Green, Green,  Fluo Pink, Sunset Orange, Fire Orange, Blue, Fluo Yellow, Purple, Red, Black and White

The 1.5" (38.1 mm) vane measures 0.256" (6.5 mm) in height and is available in eleven colors: FluoGreen,  Green, Fluo Pink, Sunset Orange, Fire Orange, Blue, FluoYellow, Purple, Red, Black and White.

Sporting crossbow shooters and archers - we made these vanes for you!

The vanes are available exclusively from Falco and through our dealers around the World.