Hoyt Contender Elite 2012

Hoyt Contender Elite 2012
IBO rating:
313 fps
38 ?"
Draw weight:
30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 60-70#
Draw length:
24-25.5" ; 25-26.5" ; 26-27.5" ; 27-28.5" ; 28-29.5" ; 29-30.5"
Hoyt Contender Elite 2012

Successful target shooters are a loyal bunch. It seems once we fall in love with a bow geometry, we never want to leave it. We get that – which is why you can count on Hoyt to give you time-tested geometries with the latest proven accuracy enhancing technologies. The Contender Series traces its DNA back to the fundamentals we discovered years ago as vital to accuracy and repeatability. Contenders have a feel and shootability all their own, with premium 5-Layer Laminated Hoyt limbs, Pro Lock zero tolerance pockets, and a choice of standard or STT Shoot-Thru risers, high performance Spiral-X cams, or exceptionally smooth, adjustable GTX cams. Contender is a proven champion and today's premium choice for competitive shooters seeking nock-crushing accuracy, and a place on the podium.


Bow available in Fusion, Red fusion, Green, Orange, Cobalt Blue,  Jet Black, Realtree AP, Blackout, Realtree Max-1 or Realtree AP/Black out half and half.


Available at Falco with the XT2000 GTX setting.


Price: 1 099€ standard (+ color option cost)